Network defined safeguards are the first protection barrier of IT system resources against threats originating from outside the network (e.g., intruders, malicious code). The principle of network security defenses are firewalls, intrusion, detection and prevention systems (IPS/IDS), VPN protections and content inspection systems like anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spam and URL filtering. These hardware and software solutions complement and support the protection mechanisms associated with the operating systems, databases and applications. Deployment of an effective, scalable security system for medium to large scale networks requires careful, well thought out design based on the organization’s risk analysis and security principles.


  • Managed Firewall services
  • Intrusion prevention and detection services
  • Email and Web security
  • Penetrating testing
  • Network security and audits
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • End user security – secure collaboration with customers, partners and employees
  • Data Prevention – ensure business data is not compromised
  • Secure Virtual Private networks
  • Prevent unauthorized access


Networker UK delivers best in class managed security services through its industry leading Security Operation Center, which is staffed and monitored 24/7, by certified security engineers. We effectively monitor our customers critical IT environments from malicious activity and threats that paralyze their business growth. We proactively monitor your system and alert you immediately, upon detecting a potential security breach we also provide daily and monthly documented reports demonstrating the threats are detected and identified.

Below are some of the proactive strategies we recommend:

  • Develop an IT security Policy
  • In depth defense strategy
  • Design incident response Plans
  • Back- up and quick restore strategy
  • Patch management strategy
  • Auditing and intrusion detection
  • Periodic Monitoring and scanning of security operations and diagnostics