All In-Cloud (Flex-pod Express):

A simple flexible affordable solution

NetworkerUK’s All In-Cloud integrates hardware and software into a flexible architecture that supports a journey to virtualization and the cloud with minimal risk.  This solution is based on Cisco Flexpod Express recommendations Organizations face tough challenges as they move towards the cloud,

  • Increasingly complex virtualized environments
  • The need for IT to support greater business agility
  • Risks of delay and disruptions when deploying new technologies

We understands the challenges, to overcome these challenges we joint forces with Cisco & NetApp to Implement Flex-pod Express (equipped with OEM solution from Cisco & NetApp). This All In-Cloud Flex-Pod Express solution is fully validated, converged infrastructure solution, which will fit in to any business need

Why to spend today, for your tomorrow’s need?

Do we need to buy a power station for daily Electric usage?

Your Changing Business Needs may force you to go for a New Hardware/software requirement which might due to any one such reason as below

  • 1.When software release demands it
  • 2.When hardware compatibility demands it
  • 3.When Supports end with Vendor or End of sale/support
  • 4.When performance issue occurs due to continuous life cycle usage
  • 5.When Interoperability issue  other vendors
  • 6.Customer/new Project needs
  • 7.When you want to increase the Speed of delivery
  • 8.When user requirement increases

And Many More....

Virtualize Anytime

Whether its server or Desktop, this solution makes virtualization as simple, secured and scalable one and fits to any mid-size companies. It can be used in any leading hypervisors, VSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Xen Servers & Oracle VM

Ease of Management

Using this solution you can scale up within each layer of components, or scale out to accommodate a variety of application workloads and customer environments. Service profile templates let you perform automatic, policy-based hardware configuration and deployment. You’ll manage, orchestrate and automate your entire infrastructure from a single interface with example: UCS Director (If applicable). You’ll benefit from single-click provisioning and single-pane monitoring, along with integrated cloud management capabilities.

Build Components

This solution comprises of three major fundamental blocks, which involves Cisco Unified Computing system, Cisco Nexus switches, & NetAPP for storage

Unified Computing System

This uses a flexible architecture which integrates hardware and software components that meet the rapidly changing needs of business, including Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), powered by the Intel® Xeon® processor. Cisco UCS is built to meet today’s Demands while being ready to accommodate future technologies—including more powerful processors and faster Ethernet standards—as they become available.
Cisco UCS is a simplified architecture for the converged data centre. It dramatically reduces the number of devices organizations must purchase, deploy, and maintain. At the same time, it brings together computing, networking, management, virtualization and storage access into a single integrated architecture, offering end-to-end server visibility, management and control in both bare metal and virtual environments. Owners can achieve a smooth, disruption-free transition when they introduce Cisco UCS to their data centres. Cisco UCS also facilitates easy move to cloud computing and IT-as-a-Service with Fabric-Based infrastructure.

Unified Fabric

This solution uses Cisco Nexus Switches, designed to meet changing operational demands of data centers. The switches enable small deployments via bandwidth scalability and multi-row designs, connecting storage and rack mount servers. Additional business benefits include:
  • Simplified, converged infrastructure, reducing total cost of ownership by up to 50%
  • Simpler mobility for physical and virtual machines, with policy-based compliance for easy deployment
  • Support for the transition to 10 Gigabit Ethernet and centralized fabric management for easier troubleshooting
  • Readily scalable to the complex workloads of virtualisation and the challenges of cloud computing

Unified Storage

The scope, scale and complexity of today’s data-driven world creates new storage demands. NetApp meets these needs with one unified architecture that offers 99.99999% availability with zero planned downtime. NetApp provides in-place controller upgrade without copying data, guarantees the richest set of storage efficiency technologies, and has the fastest snapshot, replication and recovery. Only NetApp has:
  • A single management framework
  • Unified storage combining non-disruptive operations, proven efficiency and seamless scalability
  • The broadest integration of enterprise ecosystem vendors
  • SAN and NAS data access from a single, unified scale-out platform

Why NetworkerUK’s All-in-Cloud

Pay as you use:

A solution which always fit to your budget and can be enhanced based on your business growth. Growth of an company cannot be predicted with 100% accuracy, then Why to make upfront investment, early in to hardware, software or other IT resources, Just use as per the present requirement and if required pay more and use more

Single Point of Contact:

Don’t worry about multi-vendor integrations, as a single point of contact, along with managed services contract signed with us, we will work behalf of you by collaborating with all these vendors for issues until finding solid resolution by Managing and supporting you always everyday every time operating 24/7 with full equipped NOC center and technical experts

Packaged Solution:

It’s a All-in-Cloud a bundled package combining CISCO, VMWARE or MICROSOFT with NETAPP solution altogether in to single solution. This mix of technologies transforms the physical infrastructure into dynamic pools of datacentre resources, creating a shared virtualized infrastructure which is flexible and efficient by matching the same control and security of a dedicated environment


Let’s your team concentrate on your project delivery and your business growth, so that you can concentrate more on your productivity rather than worrying about management of Hardware/Software, we will be supporting, collaborating with you and the Vendor to meet your changing business needs by delivering rapid, repeatable, cost-effective and consistent IT services

Deployment Time

Applications and user expectations are growing more complex. Organisations need to deliver new applications quickly to meet the demands of their users. However, in traditional deployments, the architecting and sizing, planning, procurement, design and testing steps can take weeks or months.

  • This solution accelerates your application deployment by leveraging pre-validated, pretested configurations recommended by Industry standards as best practice
  • It reduces your time-to-market with rapid, repeatable deployments that shorten or eliminate many of the traditional deployment steps which consumes months or weeks but now it would be just days or hours or sometimes even minutes
  • It uses pre-validated solution for VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Redhat, SAP, and others….
  • Provisioning, Up gradation or Migration will be in Rapid speed, you no need to spend week or month just few days is enough. Ease of deployment will not compromise the security, the data will be secured


Our Cloud data centre is protected by an enhanced, defense-in-depth framework of Hardware & software based firewalls, load balancers and intrusion detection systems (IDS), to form a highly secured environment, where there is no compromise for any kind of attacks or intrusion. Above all we are ISO27001 certified Company following the best practices in form of policies through which our all customer Information is secured and safeguarded and made available


For growing small and midsize organizations beginning to virtualize their networking, storage and computing environments, All-in-Cloud provides a pre-packaged and tested solution bundle that is integrated and delivered by joint channel partners. All-In-Cloud integrates Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®) C-Series servers, NetApp FAS2220 or FAS2240 storage, Cisco Nexus® 3048 switches, and infrastructure management with Cooperative Support, into an affordable, easy-to-deploy infrastructure solution.
This solution, Reduces the number of servers and storage capacity required for applications Simplifies overall infrastructure Optimizes architecture with best-of-breed components. Accelerates deployment times Growing small and midsize businesses can use All-In-Cloud to reduce the number of servers in their environment through virtualization. This solution cost-effectively consolidates common applications, such as email, collaboration, or content management —which previously resided on their own servers—onto one set of infrastructure. With a simplified architecture and processes to manage it, companies can more easily manage IT resources and take advantage of virtualization. All-In-Cloud is delivered by an ecosystem of joint channel partners and supported by a cooperative Support model composed of Cisco, NetApp and leading software partners. The solution supports leading hypervisors, applications and management platforms.


  • Reduced power, space and cooling requirements
  • Better utilization of IT assets
  • Reduction in amount of storage space, as it can be dynamically increased
  • Reduced overhead with simplified, centralized management of applications
  • Limited IT Management staff
  • Single point of Management and support

We are offering two configurations Bundle